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The Plate Basics

No More Vegetable Excuses
Solutions to common vegetable challenges

Snacks & Desserts
How do snacks and desserts fit in with the Diabetes Plate Method?

Healthy Eating at the Holidays
The Diabetes Plate Method can be your guide to good-for-you eating during celebrations

9 Tips for Dining Out
The Diabetes Plate Method can be your guide when eating away from home

Eating Tips from the Experts

Chef Jackie Newgent Takes Flavor-Filled Approach to Healthy Food

  • Experiment with different sea salts. Try Celtic gray sea salt, Italian sea salt, or fleur de sel. Each has a unique taste. Or try naturally-flavored sea salt flakes, such as citron or wild garlic flavors. By finding a salt you love, you may be satisfied with less of it.

  • Experiment with aromatic oils, like truffle, toasted sesame, hot chile, or garlic- or herb-infused extra virgin olive oil. A little healthful fat can go a long way in added flair.

  • I recommend leaving the edible peel/skin on most veggies and fruits. That's because it can provide a boost of texture, color, and overall nutrition, including fiber, to a recipe.

  • Along with nutritional goodness, vegetables add texture, visual appeal, and natural savory flavor (and sometimes slight sweetness) to meals. Don't hunt for perfection. Sometimes the most delicious vegetables are those that appear a little odd or that still have a little dirt on them, which is the way nature intended. Just clean and love these vegetables like any others.

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