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Diabetes Discovery presented by Diabetes Forecast, the healthy living magazine of the American Diabetes Association, shares what's new in diabetes research—and what it means for you.

Diabetes Discovery Podcast

Listen in as a doctor and a person with diabetes chat about new diabetes science.

Neil S. Skolnik, M.D.

Cohosts Neil S. Skolnik, MD, professor of family and consumer medicine at Temple University School of Medicine and associate director of the family medicine residency program at Abington Memorial Hospital, and Kelly Rawlings, PWD, editorial director of Diabetes Forecast magazine, discuss highlights from the American Diabetes Association's professional scientific journals.
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Episode 36

T2 Medication Hypo Risk, Diabetes and Your Brain

November 2017

Compared with short-acting sulfonylureas—a common treatment for type 2 diabetes—long-acting sulfonylureas have a higher risk of low blood glucose. Then, are you forgetful or losing concentration at times? Find out how high blood glucose can affect your thinking.

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Episode 35

Preparing for Weather Emergencies

October 2017

What to know and do to prepare for your diabetes care during a weather emergency or other disruption.

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Episode 34

Taking Meds as Directed and Blood Pressure Targets

October 2017

The first study we’ll discuss looks at some of the challenges to taking medication as directed. The second is an update of blood pressure management recommendations for people with diabetes.

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Episode 33

Medicine Ads: What to Trust

October 2017

In today’s busy world, information can come at you from so many sources—news reports, social media, magazine articles. And advertisements. When it comes to ads for drugs and other medical products, here’s what to know about reliable information, what can you trust, and why.

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Episode 32

Meds That Protect the Heart and Does Monitoring Matter?

October 2017

Brand-new information shared at the American Diabetes Association’s recent Scientific Sessions about SGLT2-inhibitors and unprecedented protection for the heart. And a study that investigated whether monitoring blood glucose makes a difference in type 2 diabetes.

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Episode 31

Type 2 Diabetes Drugs—Part 3

June 2017

The final episode of our series about type 2 diabetes medications focuses on an injectable medication that’s been around the longest—since the early 1920s in fact. That medication is insulin, available today in various formulations that are used once daily or multiple times a day, depending on what your body needs.

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Episode 30

Type 2 Diabetes Drugs—Part 2

May 2017

The second episode of our series about type 2 diabetes medications features prescription drugs that can be used when a single medication isn’t enough to keep blood glucose levels on target. Find out how well DDP-4 inhibitors, GLP-1 receptor agonists, and SGLT-2 inhibitors work at lowering A1C, 2) their risk of hypoglycemia, 3) effects on weight, 4) cost, 5) possible side effects, and 6) heart protection.

Listen to Episode 30 now.

Episode 29

Type 2 Diabetes Drugs—Part 1

April 2017

This is the first installment of a three-part series about type 2 diabetes medications. There are nine classes of diabetes drugs that, along with healthy eating, weight management, and physical activity, help you achieve on-target blood glucose levels. Today we'll look at some of the usual "starter" or beginning medications, including metformin.

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Episode 28

Other Types of Diabetes: LADA and Gestational Diabetes

March 2017

Listeners, you are probably aware of the two main types of diabetes, type 1 (an autoimmune disorder) and type 2 (a metabolic disorder). Today we’re going to talk about two types of diabetes that aren't as well known. LADA (Latent Autoimmune Diabetes in Adults) is a subgroup of type 1 that's tricky to diagnose and sometimes challenging to manage. And gestational diabetes affects between 3 and 9 percent of pregnant women, but can usually be managed with diet, exercise, and some oral medications.

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Episode 27

The Lowdown on Hypoglycemia

February 2017

We have two studies for you about hypoglycemia, or low blood glucose. As you know, hypoglycemia is a risk with certain diabetes medications and something that&'s important to manage to stay safe. We'll look at a study that examines the risk of hypoglycemia in people with type 2 diabetes on different medications, as well as an analysis of hospitalizations for hypoglycemia in patients with type 1.

Listen to Episode 27 now.

Episode 26

Healthy Year, Healthy You

January 2017

Happy New Year, listeners! Let's talk about ways you can prepare for a year of your best health—from making doctor's appointments and seeking out diabetes education to renewing your prescriptions and building your support network. Find out about all this and more.

Listen to Episode 26 now.

Episode 25

Matters of the Heart

December 2016

Let's talk about matters of the heart—figuratively and literally. Our first study looks at how couples counseling by phone can help people manage type 2 diabetes. Then we'll see why it’s so important for people with type 1 diabetes to manage their risk factors for heart disease.

Listen to Episode 25 now.

Episode 24

Self-Compassion and Diabetes Apps

November 2016

Listeners, we have an opportunity to focus on a really pleasant topic: that of self-compassion, or being kind to ourselves while facing the challenges of diabetes. Then we’ll dial up some interesting information about the value of diabetes apps, diabetes management tools that we carry on our smartphones.

Listen to Episode 24 now.

Episode 23

Your Meds Questions, Answered

October 2016

Get answers to some of your common questions about diabetes medications. Did you know which diabetes meds can help you lose weight or protect your cardiovascular health? You’ll learn about the different drugs available for diabetes—from the tried-and-true metformin to the newest insulins on the market—and the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Listen to Episode 23 now.

Episode 22

Gastric Bypass Surgery and Clinical Inertia in Type 2

September 2016

Listeners, we’re going to focus on learnings from a study about gastric bypass surgery in type 2 diabetes, at 3 years after the surgery. Then, we’ll turn to a study that looks at clinical inertia in people newly diagnosed with type 2. Clinical inertia is a term for a delay in prescribing more aggressive treatment when a health target, such as A1C, isn’t achieved.

Listen to Episode 22 now.

Episode 21

Weight Loss in Type 2 & High-Fat/High-Carb Diets

August 2016

We have two studies about T2 diabetes today. The first looks at weight loss and regain and CVD risk factors. The second is an analysis of a lot of studies that compared certain types of high-fat diets with high-carb diets and CVD risk factors. Lot of food for thought!

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Episode 20

Type 2 Blood Glucose Control & Wearable Artificial Pancreas

July 2016

Today we have a study that shows us that tight blood glucose control in type 2 diabetes for a relatively concentrated amount of time can have positive effects that last for years when it comes to the eyes. Then, we’ll turn to the world of type 1 diabetes and some really interesting “real world” use by kids of a wearable artificial pancreas.

Listen to Episode 20 now.

Episode 19

Get Fit, Don’t Sit & Lowering “Bad” Cholesterol

June 2016

As part of today’s edition, we’ll look at the topic of sitting—or rather, how breaking up sitting with some brief bouts of gentle movement can improve type 2 diabetes. Then, we’ll look at the value of using treatments to lower “bad” cholesterol in type 1, and how that can protect your heart and brain.

Listen to Episode 19 now.

Episode 18

Episode 18: Intensive Glucose Control

May 2016

Hello, listeners! Thanks for being part of today’s diabetes conversation. We’re going to talk about intensive glucose control and what it means in terms of preventing long-term heart disease in T1D and end-stage kidney disease in T2.

Listen to Episode 18 now.

Episode 17

Bariatric Surgery & Barriers to Diabetes Health

April 2016

Today we’re focusing on bariatric surgery and a study that looked at long-term changes in fasting glucose and insulin to see if the type of surgery seems to matter. Then we’ll look at a round-up that discusses some of the reasons people and doctors may hesitate to start of insulin therapy—and ways to overcome the barriers in order to reach better diabetes health.

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Episode 16

Severe Lows: How Often? & Potatoes: Healthy or Not?

March 2016

Find out how often severe low blood glucose episodes happen in real life. Also, you say "potato," researchers say eating lots of spuds may be linked to developing type 2 diabetes.

Listen to Episode 16 now.

Episode 15

Group Medical Appointments & Testing Inhaled Glucagon

February 2016

Forget going solo: Group medical appointments are a new way to see your doctor in good company. Plus, "inhaled" glucagon, a potential new way to treat severe lows.

Listen to Episode 15 now.

Episode 14

Loud Snoring: Sounds Like Type 2 Diabetes & 3 Important Vaccinations

December 2015

Problems breathing during sleep may be a sign that a person is at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Plus, find out which three vaccinations are recommended for people with any type of diabetes.

Listen to Episode 14 now.

Episode 13

Type 2 Diabetes Drug News & Better Blood Glucose With Breakfast

October 2015

For the first time, a diabetes med reduces heart event risk in type 2 diabetes. Plus, why eating breakfast can help you control blood glucose levels later in the day.

Listen to Episode 13 now.

Episode 12

Physical Activity and Heart Health in Type 1 & Avoiding Hypoglycemia

September 2015

A large study found that physical activity is associated with healthier blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight, which help protect the heart and brain. Also, find out what an expert panel says about avoiding or minimizing serious lows (hypoglycemia).

Listen to Episode 12 now.

Episode 11

Physical Activity and Heart Health in Type 1 & Avoiding Hypoglycemia

August 2015

A large study found that physical activity is associated with healthier blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight, all of which help protect the heart and brain. Also, find out what an expert panel says about avoiding or minimizing serious lows (hypoglycemia).

Listen to Episode 11 now.

Episode 10

Diabetes Medications and Pancreatitis Risk & After-Meal Glucose in Type 1

June 2015

Do certain type 2 diabetes medications lead to painful pancreatitis? And how do fat, protein, and high glycemic foods affect after-meal glucose levels in type 1 diabetes?

Listen to Episode 10 now.

Episode 9

A Look at Viruses in Type 1 & Fitness for Glucose Control

May 2015

Researchers look for viruses in pancreatic cells of people newly diagnosed with type 1. Plus, how cardiorespiratory fitness helps blood glucose control in prediabetes and type 2 diabetes.

Listen to Episode 9 now.

Episode 8

Bariatric Surgery & Building Muscles for Health

April 2015

New research on bariatric surgery in people with type 2 diabetes who use insulin. Then, how muscle-building strength-training exercises improve health.

Listen to Episode 8 now.

Episode 7

SGLT-2 Medications Roundup

March 2015

Find out more about a newer class of type 2 diabetes medications called SGLT-2 inhibitors. We'll look at a roundup of studies.

Listen to Episode 7 now.

Episode 6

News About Kidney Disease & Hypoglycemia in Insulin Users

February 2015

People with type 2 diabetes and kidney disease may have another, affordable medication option. Plus, hypoglycemia—low blood glucose—and the risk for heart disease in people using insulin.

Listen to Episode 6 now.

Episode 5

Diabetes Medications and Cancer Risk & Losing Weight Online

January 2015

Do certain diabetes medications increase the risk of cancer? Plus, how to lose weight using an online weight-loss program.

Listen to Episode 5 now.

Episode 4

Beating Type 2 & Hypoglycemia and the Heart

December 2014

Can you really reverse—or beat—type 2 diabetes? And does having severe low blood glucose (hypoglycemia) make heart attacks and strokes more likely?

Listen to Episode 4 now.

Episode 3

Combo Medications & High-Intensity Statins

November 2014

Learn about a combination diabetes medication aimed at A1C reduction (combo meds can help save money). Plus, find out whether high-intensity statins reduce heart disease risk in people with diabetes.

Listen to Episode 3 now.

Episode 2

Prediabetes & About the A1C Test

October 2014

The effects of weight loss and weight regain in people at risk for type 2 diabetes. Plus, how often to have an A1C blood test when you're trying to lower high blood glucose levels.

Listen to Episode 2 now.

Episode 1

Lifestyle Changes & Nutrition Guidelines

August 2014

How intensive changes in diet and exercise in people with type 2 diabetes affect health care costs. Plus, what to eat with diabetes: new nutrition recommendations from the American Diabetes Association.

Listen to Episode 1 now.

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