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Seniors Should Add Protein to Meals to Maintain Muscle Mass

By Matt McMillen , , ,


We all start to lose muscle after age 50. Getting some protein at every meal may help you stay strong. Researchers recruited 40 young adults, 40 middle-aged adults, and 40 adults ages 70 and older and asked them to keep detailed food diaries for three days over a two-week period. The diaries showed that most participants consumed an adequate amount of daily protein—from meat, eggs, cheese, and other sources—but mostly at dinner. The study authors quote prior research suggesting that protein consumption throughout the day, rather than at one meal, enhances muscle growth, so they recommend that seniors add protein at all meals if possible. Add Greek yogurt, chicken breast, canned fish, and other healthy protein sources to both breakfast and lunch. —M.M.
Source: Frontiers in Nutrition, March 16, 2020



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