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A Better Diet Might Help With Sleep

By Matt McMillen , ,

If you have ongoing trouble sleeping, a change of diet might help. For a three-year study that included 53,069 postmenopausal women (most without diabetes), researchers reviewed the food the participants said they ate and how well they reported sleeping. The women whose diets had the highest glycemic index (GI, a measure of a carb-containing food’s capacity to boost blood glucose) were more likely to experience insomnia, either ongoing or on occasion, than those with the lowest-GI diets. The results don’t prove that high-GI diets cause insomnia; it could be that insomnia leads to cravings for high-GI carbs. To see if a diet change might alleviate your insomnia, focus on low-GI carb sources, such as sweet potatoes, oatmeal, whole grain bread, and beans.
Source: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Dec. 11, 2019



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