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Save Money on Medications With Patient Assistance Programs


Terry Doran/Mittera (photography); Todd Hanson/Mittera (photo styling)

The cost of diabetes medications is skyrocketing. That can put a financial strain on people who live with the disease.

Skipping your diabetes meds isn’t an option, but asking for help is. Diabetes Forecast has rounded up a list of cost-cutting programs (and some background on the cost of insulin):

Patient Assistance Programs

Pharmaceutical companies’ patient assistance programs can help you get diabetes drugs at low (or no) cost, provided you qualify. Here’s what they offer and who qualifies.

Drug Discount Cards

Discount cards can help you pay less for your prescriptions. Here’s a list of websites that provide drug discount cards.

Why the Cost of Insulin Is Soaring

Why is the price of this lifesaving drug skyrocketing? Diabetes Forecast explains what’s going on.

Stand Up for Affordable Insulin

Join the American Diabetes Association in demanding action from Congress and transparency from those involved in insulin’s production and sale. Click here to sign the ADA’s petition in its push for affordable insulin.



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