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Carbs at Breakfast May Help Manage Blood Glucose Levels

By Matt McMillen , , ,

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Shifting more of your carbs and calories to breakfast may help you better manage your blood glucose—and lose weight. Israeli researchers recruited 28 older adults with type 2 diabetes who use insulin. Divided randomly into two groups, all ate 1,500 calories a day divvied up among the same ratio of carbs, protein, and fat. One group ate three similarly sized meals and three snacks, while the other group ate a large breakfast, a medium lunch, and a light, low-carb dinner. After 12 weeks, participants in the big-breakfast group had lowered their A1C by an average of 1.2 percent, their daily insulin by 26 units, and their weight by nearly 12 pounds. Their peers in the other group saw no change. The results are striking, but the study was small. Ask your dietitian or doctor if this eating plan is right for you before you start.
Source: Diabetes Care, Sept. 23, 2019



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