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Belly Fat Boosts Dementia Risk



As your waist size grows, so too may your risk for dementia. Korean researchers tracked 872,082 older adults for an average of 6½ years. Nearly 20 percent had diabetes. During the study period, 13 percent received a diagnosis of dementia. After they accounted for potential dementia risk factors, such as body mass index (BMI, a ratio of weight to height used to estimate how close a person is to a healthy weight), diabetes, and other health markers, the researchers determined that belly fat boosted the odds for dementia by up to 67 percent in men and 58 percent in women. Even among those not overweight, a paunch was worrisome. To battle your bulge, cut calories, especially from added sugar, and aim to be more physically active. 
SOURCE: Obesity, Nov. 5, 2019



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