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The Gluc-Box Jukebox

By Brittany C. Hines , ,

Brittany C. Hines

Delicately tiptoeing across the floor
It’s three in the morning, and I need more.
One eye shut, left foot stepping front,
Waiting to reach something like a sugar-laden doughnut.
In a rut, but the world is at rest
Alone to the kitchen to catch my fix.
My tongue is numb, pulsing for sugar to thrive
Diabetes is in my blood, but the dream is alive.
I sip and I swig as I stand in the dark, alone
Imagining the world sleeping peacefully, in perfect tone.
Slurp, slurp, sluuuurp
That’s what the juice box said,
Or maybe that’s my imagination,
Trying to captivate peace, once again.
I open my mouth wide to get the carb load in,
Racing against the clock, I drool on my chin.
Time is of the essence, but I can’t withdraw.
Waiting for the rise so I can feel as the woman I know.
Loose, flowy pajamas swing at my feet, as my toes grip the bare kitchen floor, I strive to stay alive—from my being to surroundings, all feelings sensitized.
My Gluc-box Jukebox soothes my every cell
Hey Mr. DJ, can you play this flavor on repeat, please?
Oh no! Did I just stub my toe?
I guess I’m dancing all alone.
Irrational, delusional thoughts flood the mind,
As I strive to control what goes on inside.
“Please make me feel well, again.”
Prayer becomes my answer, pen runs out of ink.
I walk back upstairs, I think, I think, I think.
In my bed I lie waiting for body and mind to sync,
Like an iPod just waiting for its newest update release.
I feel safe as I feel the “kick-in” begin
Ready to dance to my favorite tune and
Thank Gluc-box Jukebox again.
Sixteen grams of carb but I’m feelin’ like I’ve made the Top Ten.

Brittany C. Hines is a 32-year-old teacher, Reiki master, and Ayurvedic and holistic health practitioner in Port Washington, New York. Her mission is to bring forth healing, wisdom, and inspiration to those living with chronic illness and help them live happier and more harmonious lives. She has type 1 diabetes.

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