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Making Exercise Competitive Ups the Rewards

By Matt McMillen , ,

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Turn exercise into a competition. Researchers randomly divided 602 overweight or obese adults, 30 of whom had diabetes, into a control group or one of three other groups. Each group wore fitness trackers to count their daily steps, with a goal to increase them gradually over the 36-week study. With the exception of the control group, each group received 70 points per week; participants lost 10 points for each day they missed their step goal. In one group, participants received support from a family member or friend. In another, sets of three participants competed against one another to keep their scores up and advance to higher levels. In the third, teams of three collaborated to win. Competition led to an increase of 920 steps a day, nearly 300 steps more than the collaborative group and 231 more than the support group. Use a fitness app like Fitocracy or MyFitnessPal to turn your workout into a competitive game.
Source: JAMA Internal Medicine, Sept. 9, 2019



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