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Exercise at Any Age Can Help Those With Heart Disease

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Regardless of age, exercise can improve the physical and mental fitness of people with cardiovascular disease, a common complication of diabetes. French researchers divided 733 people with various heart problems into three age groups: under 65, 65 to 80, and over 80. (About a third had diabetes.) Each took part in a five-week cardiac rehabilitation program that focused on exercise but also included nutrition education and other health counseling. Participants did two hours of exercise (on treadmills and stationary bikes) five times a week. By the study’s end, all had significantly boosted their exercise capacity, a sign of improved heart health, and reported less depression and anxiety. Not only was the program safe for all ages, but participants who started the study with the greatest physical impairment improved the most, no matter how old they were. If you have cardiovascular disease, discuss a referral to a cardiac rehab program with your doctor.
Source: Canadian Journal of Cardiology, October 2019



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