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Eating Nuts May Help Keep Weight Gain in Check

Andrey Elkin/Getty Images

We put on about a pound a year as we age. Nuts may help curb those gains. Researchers tracked the diets of 144,885 adults without diabetes over more than 20 years. After accounting for age and lifestyle factors such as exercise and smoking, they found that participants who ate at least half an ounce of nuts (about two tablespoons, or the equivalent of a dozen almonds) a day gained about 1.5 pounds fewer every four years than those who didn’t eat nuts—a small but significant difference. Eating nuts also reduced the risk of becoming obese by 23 percent over four years. It’s not clear whether nuts directly prevent weight gain, but they’re filling and fiber rich, so they may help curb your appetite.
Source: BMJ Nutrition, Prevention & Health, Sept. 23, 2019



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