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Tune In, Tone Up

By Matt McMillen , ,

Andrea Mignogna/Getty Images

Crank up the music! Researchers recruited 24 healthy but fairly inactive twentysomething adults. On three separate occasions, the participants did three 20-second sprints on an exercise bike, each followed by two minutes of light pedaling. They biked to a different soundtrack each time, in random order: loud, upbeat music; a podcast; or nothing at all. When they worked out to music, the participants pedaled significantly harder and boosted their heart rates more dramatically than at other times, yet they said they felt no additional exertion. Equally important: They enjoyed their workouts more with music, increasing the likelihood they would continue. Play your favorite up-tempo tunes to motivate yourself to get moving and to push yourself a bit harder.
Source: Psychology of Sport & Exercise, published online June 12, 2019



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