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Nontraditional Exercise Can Help Keep Weight Down Too

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Certain genes can boost your risk of obesity, but specific exercises may be especially effective for keeping off the weight. Researchers surveyed 18,424 Chinese adults, ages 30 to 70, about their exercise habits. Nearly 5 percent had diabetes. They then evaluated their genetic risk for obesity and their current weight. Certain exercises countered the genetic proclivity toward greater body fat, a bigger waist, and a higher body mass index (BMI, a ratio of weight to height used to estimate how close a person is to a healthy weight). Jogging came out on top, but there’s good news for folks who find running a less-than-exciting exercise option: Walking, speed walking, dancing (think ballroom, swing, rumba, waltz, and mambo), yoga, and mountain climbing also help combat obesity genes.
Source: PLOS Genetics, published online August 1, 2019



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