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Morning Exercise Helps Shed Pounds

By Matt McMillen , ,

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Make exercise part of your morning routine. It may help you lose more weight than working out late in the day. Researchers tracked the times at which 70 young, inactive, and overweight or obese adults without diabetes chose to go to the gym. After 10 months, they evaluated the participants’ weight loss. Among those who worked out before noon, 4 out of 5 dropped 5 percent or more of their weight—an amount linked to lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and A1C—compared with just over a third of those who worked out after 3 p.m. Both groups did the same workout and ate approximately the same amount of food each day. Why timing may matter remains unclear, but if your schedule permits, exercise before noon.
Source: International Journal of Obesity, published online July 9, 2019



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