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Cutting Back Just 300 Calories Daily Yields Health Benefits

By Matt McMillen , ,

Drop 300 calories from your daily diet, and the benefits will multiply. For a study, 143 nonobese adults were told to cut 25 percent of their daily calories—about 600—for two years. On average, though, they managed to slash about half that amount. It was enough to lose an average of nearly 17 pounds and almost 5 percent of their body fat. Their blood pressure and cholesterol also dropped significantly, and their fasting blood glucose, insulin sensitivity, and insulin resistance improved. Study participants who did not restrict their calories, meanwhile, saw no such benefits. Get started: Replace two sodas with water each day or choose black coffee over high-calorie coffee drinks such as mocha lattes.
Source: The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology, published online July 11, 2019



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