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Wake Up and Walk for Brain Fitness


A morning walk could help your brain stay fit along with your body. In a study, 67 overweight or obese older adults (ages 55 to 80) who didn’t exercise regularly completed three tasks on randomly selected days: uninterrupted sitting for eight hours, moderate-intensity walking for 30 minutes after breakfast followed by sitting, or a 30-minute morning walk plus sitting interrupted every 30 minutes by three minutes of light walking. The participants took brain tests four times each day. On the days they exercised, they scored better on the brain tests than they did on their sedentary day. After the morning exercise, scores improved for decision-making skills. When morning exercise was combined with periodic breaks from sitting, memory scores improved. Bottom line: Your brain works better when physical activity is part of your routine. 

Source: British Journal of Sports Medicine, published online April 29, 2019



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