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People to Know 2019: Catherine Price

By Rob Howe ,

Catherine Price
Photography by Colin Lenton

As a science journalist, Catherine Price has a complicated relationship with technology. Her latest book, How to Break Up With Your Phone, is a guide for anyone looking to nix a smartphone addiction and have a more productive relationship with technology. But as someone with type 1, she also knows how technology can benefit diabetes management. Which is why she currently uses a continuous glucose monitor (CGM).

“It takes a lot of the fear away,” she says. “You feel you can go to sleep and know that you’re much more likely to be woken up because you have an alarm.” Not that being constantly hooked up to a device doesn’t have its downsides. Her CGM alarm sounds remarkably similar to the reversing beep made by her neighborhood garbage truck, and she can feel her body tense up during weekly trash collection. “I certainly have alarm fatigue,” Catherine says, adding that this may have partially inspired her aversion to smartphones.

For me, technology has been a benefit. Diabetes can be isolating, and social media has provided a way to find a welcoming community.

Surprisingly, our views aren’t too dissimilar. In advocating for better screen–life balance, Catherine hopes people overloaded by technology (like those of us pinged by insulin pumps and CGMs throughout the day) will use it in a way that improves their lives. Social media does that for me. Diabetes apps do that for other people.

“A diabetes app is the definition of a practical app, an app that makes your life easier and more streamlined,” she says. “I just hope there are engineers out there who’ve decided to devote themselves to creating smart algorithms for blood sugar management instead of devoting their talent to creating the next Instagram. There’s a lot more that technology could do to help people with diabetes.”

Rob Howehas been living with type 1 diabetes for 14 years. He is an entrepreneur, marketing strategist, podcaster, and former professional basketball player. In 2015, Rob founded the Diabetics Doing Things podcast in an effort to raise awareness of the amazing things that people with type 1 are doing around the world. He lives in Dallas with his girlfriend, Erica Koehler, and their cat and dogs.

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