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Low-Carb Breakfasts Might Improve Glucose Levels All Day

By Matt McMillen , , ,

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A very-low-carb breakfast could improve  your glucose levels for the whole day.  Canadian researchers gave 23  adults with type 2 diabetes a two-egg spinach-and- cheese omelet for  breakfast one morning, then oatmeal and fruit  a day or two later. Lunch and dinner were the same  on both days. Continuous glucose monitors (CGMs) tracked  participants’ glucose levels. No glucose spikes occurred after the omelet, and improvements in glucose lasted 24 hours. Overall, post-meal high blood glucose was reduced with the egg breakfast compared with the oatmeal. Bonus: Participants who ate eggs reported less hunger before lunch and dinner and fewer cravings for sweets than they did after the high-carb breakfast. Before starting a very-low-carb diet, be sure to talk to a health care professional, such as a registered dietitian.

Source: The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition,  April 9, 2019



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