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Family Conflict Linked to Poorer Glucose Control in Kids and Teens

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Having a child or teen with type 1 diabetes often means arguing over management, and that conflict is linked to poorer glucose management. Among 1,095 kids ages 10 to 17 with type 1, those with very high A1C levels were more likely to have parents who reported fighting in the past month over things such as remembering to give insulin or check blood glucose, types of foods eaten, or blood glucose results. This was true whether the kids’ diabetes was managed with an insulin pump, injections, or a combination of the two. The study didn’t prove family conflict caused worse blood glucose management—high blood glucose levels could cause the family conflict—but it clearly doesn’t help. If you and your child are often at odds when it comes to diabetes management tasks, certain types of counseling can help. Talk to your child’s doctor for advice and a possible referral.

Source: Diabetic Medicine, published online May 2, 2019



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