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Ditch Processed Foods to Avoid Weight Gain


White bread, breakfast cereals, diet drinks, canned fruits and veggies, and other sugary, salty, and fatty ultra-processed foods can be hard to resist; they can also be hard on your waistline. For four weeks, 20 adults without diabetes lived in a lab. In random order, they ate ultra-processed foods for half that time and a nutritious, balanced diet during the other half. How much they ate was up to them. The ultra-processed diet led them to consume 508 more calories per day—mostly from carbs and fat—and gain 2 pounds. They lost 2 pounds while on the healthy diet. There were no significant differences in physical activity. Focus your meals on fresh produce, beans, and other whole foods to prevent weight gain or to slim down.

Source: Cell Metabolism, May 16, 2019



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