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3 Things Trending and On Our Radar This Fall

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Magnetic Appeal

If you have shaky hands or numbness in your fingers, getting dressed is about to get a whole lot easier. The clothing brand MagnaReady replaces traditional buttons and zippers with hidden magnets on women’s dress shirts and men’s chinos, dress shirts, and classic polos (above). The button-decorated cuffs, collars, and fronts close using invisible force, allowing wearers with dexterity issues to dress and undress without help. Maura Horton, a former children’s clothing designer, launched the company in 2014 after her late husband was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Coming in 2020: sleepwear and expanded offerings for women and children. Shirts start at $62.95; available at magnaready.com.

On Our Radar

Cutting Costs

A half-price version of Eli Lilly’s Humalog U-100 is now available. The lower-priced version—called Insulin Lispro Injection—goes for $137.35 per vial or $265.20 for a pack of five KwikPens. Still too high? Call the Lilly Diabetes Solution Center to see if you’re eligible for an even lower-cost alternative (833-808-1234).

Giving Voice

Eric Paslay is a Grammy-nominated country music singer and songwriter. Colleen Rinehart is a 38-year-old nurse and mother in Pickerington, Ohio. The two explore a common bond—type 1 diabetes—in the debut episode of Paslay’s new podcast Level with Me. Developed in partnership with Dexcom, the five-part show features people across America who live full lives with type 1. Paslay, too, opens up about his own diabetes journey and how he manages his condition while on the road. Episodes are free on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, Google Play, and Spotify.



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