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Seniors Who Exercise Reap Health Benefits

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It’s never too late to benefit from exercise. In a study of 315,059 adults ages 50 to 71 that began in 1995, researchers asked the participants (a small percentage had diabetes) how many hours they did moderate to vigorous activity each week and at what age they started working out. Then, in 2017, they checked up on them. Compared with those who weren’t physically active, participants who began exercising between ages 40 and 61 reduced their risk for early death from any cause, including heart disease and cancer, by up to 35 percent—nearly the same amount as those who started working out in their teens. The benefits were seen with just two to eight hours of physical activity per week. No matter your age, schedule some exercise, and get moving.
Source: JAMA Network Open, March 8, 2019



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