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Many Trying to Lose Weight Don't Log What They Eat

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Tracking what you eat aids weight loss, but many people avoid it, thinking it will be too time-consuming. Researchers beg to differ. They enrolled 142 middle-aged obese people, most of them women, in an online weight-loss program that included daily food logging. By the study’s end, the most successful participants had dropped 10 percent of their body weight. And they didn’t spend much time logging their foods in the process; on average, they spent fewer than 15 minutes a day making entries in their online food diaries. But the real key to their success was frequent entries. Grab an app like Lose It or MyFitnessPal and enter what you eat at least three times a day. With practice, you’ll likely log faster and lose more.
Source: Obesity, Feb. 25, 2019



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