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3 Goods Trending This Summer

By Kirstin Fawcett ,

Jessica Dean

Performance Pockets

With The Glide from SPIbelt (above), you can enjoy hands-free sweat sessions while still keeping essentials within reach. The one-size-fits-all elastic belt comes with two waist compartments; stash your keys, cash, and smartphone in one, and use the other to store glucose tablets and your diabetes devices. To wear the belt, simply step into it, slide it up and around your waist, and adjust for comfort. $30, at spibelt.com.

On Our Radar

Tech Support 

If you use a Dexcom G6 continuous glucose monitor (CGM), checking your glucose on the go is now as easy as “Hey Siri, what’s my glucose?” An update to the company’s G6 CGM app (for Apple devices only) provides a number of helpful new features, including integration with Apple’s handy virtual assistant. Don’t have time to scroll through the app? Ask Siri to share glucose readings aloud or display graph data on your phone’s lock screen. Dexcom users can download the update from the Apple App Store. Keep in mind: The G6 app doesn’t work with Dexcom’s G5 CGM.

Considering investing in a Dexcom G6 CGM? The device is now sold in pharmacies. You’ll still need a prescription for insurance coverage.

Identify Yourself

To stay safe, people with diabetes should wear a medical ID while exercising. That’s where ROAD iD comes in: The line of accessories features stainless steel faceplates that can be engraved with diabetes type and insulin use. Wear one on a wristband, attached to your smartwatch or activity tracker, or strapped to your shoelaces. Every ID comes with an optional interactive emergency profile that lists medications and is accessible via web or phone. Styles vary, with faceplate colors such as rose gold and wristband strap options ranging from leather to silicone. From $25 at roadid.com; the emergency profile is free for the first six months after purchase then costs $9.99 per year.



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