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Eating Foods High in Vitamin D May Improve Bone Health in Seniors


Older adults are at an increased risk for vitamin D deficiency, which could lead to weakened bones, but taking vitamin D supplements may not improve their bone strength. In a study, 379 people ages 70 and older were randomly assigned to one of three monthly doses of vitamin D supplements, with the lowest dose corresponding to about 400 IU per day. After one year, none of the participants showed a change in bone mineral density, a measure of bone strength. On the positive side, there were no negative effects from the supplements, and there were some hormone changes, suggesting a positive effect on bone function even though the bone density didn’t change. Best bets to protect your bones? Eat a healthful diet that includes sources of vitamin D: fortified dairy products, cereals, and fatty fish such as tuna or salmon.    
Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, published online Jan. 14, 2019



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