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Quick High-Intensity Workouts Boost Heart Health


What a group of Canadian researchers calls “exercise snacks”—very brief high-intensity workouts—can boost your heart health. For a recent study, 24 sedentary university students without diabetes either remained inactive or raced up three flights of stairs three times a day. Each workout, preceded by a brief warm-up, lasted only about 20 seconds and was separated by one to four hours. After six weeks, the exercise snackers’ aerobic fitness increased by 5 percent—a sign of improved heart health. They also got a little stronger. To better adapt to high-intensity workouts, ease into them. If your doctor gives the OK, gradually add bursts of vigorous exercise to your normal routine. For example, jog at an easy pace for three minutes, sprint for 20 seconds, then slow back down for a minute or two.
Source: Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, Jan. 16, 2019



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