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Massage Helps Alleviate Arthritis Pain in Seniors

By Miriam E. Tucker , , ,


For older adults with knee arthritis, a full-body massage may alleviate pain. Researchers studied 222 people who were, on average, in their mid-60s and had knee osteoarthritis, which involves joint pain and weakness. All were assigned to a weekly full-body Swedish massage (with a special focus on the affected knee), light touching of major muscles and joints of the body, or no treatment at all. Prescription and nonprescription medications were similar among groups. After eight weeks, the massage group showed significant improvement in terms of pain, function, and stiffness compared with the other two groups. Swedish massage is widely available; look for a reputable spa. Many physical therapy facilities also offer it. That requires a prescription, but it is typically covered by insurance.
Source: Journal of General Internal Medicine, published online Dec. 12, 2018



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