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Drink Water Instead of Soda to Protect Kidney Function


Skip the soda after working or exercising outdoors on a hot, sunny day. In a lab that simulated a 95-degree day, 12 healthy adults without diabetes exercised for 45 minutes and then drank water or a caffeinated sugary soda during a 15-minute break. They repeated this cycle three more times over four hours. Urine samples showed temporary signs of acute kidney injury in 75 percent of the soda drinkers but in only 8 percent of water drinkers. Soda drinkers also were more dehydrated and had higher levels of a hormone that increases blood pressure. Start hydrating—with water!—an hour or two before you begin to exercise.
Source: American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative, and Comparative Physiology, Jan. 2, 2019



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