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An Athlete With Type 1 Finds Solace in Cycling

By Benjamin Page , ,

Ryan Fix at a past Tour de Cure event

Ryan Fix was always an active guy, taking part in a range of sports, including volleyball, basketball, and weight lifting. Diabetes was the furthest thing from his mind. But in 2010, at age 33, his doctor delivered a surprise diagnosis of type 1. “He could have said I had malaria and I would have accepted it better,” says Fix, a senior project manager at eBay.

After getting the news, Fix went into a kind of denial. “I thought I could almost reverse it if I put my body into extreme workout mode,” he says, though he’s long since realized he can’t undo his type 1 diabetes.

He enjoyed mountain biking, but that involved driving to remote trails outside his hometown of San Jose, California, making it too difficult for a day-to-day activity. Road biking, however, seemed like the perfect alternative.

After a quick Internet search, Fix discovered Team Red, the American Diabetes Association (ADA) cycling community. “I decided to try a road ride with them and got hooked,” he says. These early rides introduced him to other cyclists with diabetes, people he could relate to. “They pushed me to my limits during that initial stage of cycling.” Just six months after his type 1 diagnosis, Fix took part in his first Tour de Cure®.

The event brings cyclists together to help raise money for diabetes research and education. (Though Step Out® Walk to Stop Diabetes® is the ADA’s signature walk, most Tour events include a component for runners and walkers.) Anyone can register for one of the 47 Tour de Cure events held across the country and then recruit friends and family to donate or join them on the ride. Participants with diabetes, known as Red Riders, are given special jerseys to wear during the event.

This year will mark Fix’s fifth Tour de Cure. While he appreciates the camaraderie of riding with others who have diabetes and understand its challenges, he secretly loves when he passes a cyclist without diabetes. “You pass somebody, and they might look at your jersey and think, ‘Oh my gosh, I just got passed by a person with diabetes,’ ” Fix says. “That’s the best part for me—to show that a person with type 1 diabetes is no different than anybody else out there riding.”

Last year, Fix tackled a 100-mile route through the mountains near Silicon Valley. Now he has a new cycling goal. “I try to ensure that I meet 1,000 miles per year,” he says. “For me, it’s about consistency.” While he can’t reverse his type 1, that consistency has a side benefit: He’s better able to meet his blood glucose goals.

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