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Seniors Should Plan Ahead to Communicate Medical Wishes

By Miriam E. Tucker , , ,


It’s important for older adults to have a written plan called an “advance directive” to communicate their wishes about medical treatment in case they’re not able to speak for themselves. But many don’t have them. Now, an easy-to-read online tool called Prepare for Your Care can help. Among 986 adults ages 55 and older who had at least two chronic medical conditions, half were randomly assigned to use the tool while the others were just given an advance directive form. After 15 months, 43 percent of those using the tool had completed an advance directive, versus just 32 percent of the others. Those who received the online tool were also more likely to discuss their wishes with family and health care providers. It’s free and available at prepareforyourcare.org.
Source: JAMA Internal Medicine, published online Oct. 29, 2018



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