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On Our Radar: A Stylish Wellness Tracker and More

Bellabeat's Leaf Chakra wellness tracker
Photography by Cameron Sadeghpour/Mittera

Pretty Smart Tracker

There are plenty of wellness trackers on the market, but let’s face it: Few could be called fashionable. That’s where Bellabeat’s Leaf Chakra stands out. Its smart technology monitors your movement—keeping track of your steps and sleep patterns—and sends the information to a smartphone app for easy viewing. The app can also help track your stress levels, calories, periods, and meditation. But because it looks like a piece of jewelry, nobody’s the wiser. Available in black onyx or a new rose quartz, the Leaf Chakra can be worn as a necklace or a brooch clipped securely to your clothing. Its six-month battery life means you don’t have to worry about charging it every night. $139, bellabeat.com.

On Our Radar

Swipe Right

Liz Sacco’s son was like a lot of kids with type 1 diabetes. He didn’t know where to wipe his finger after blood glucose checks. After watching him lick his finger clean or wipe it against his pants a few too many times, Sacco came up with a better solution: Diabetic Dabs, 2-by-2-inch cotton wipes—the perfect size to clean off any leftover blood. Available in both square and heart shapes, they’re sold in packets of 50, each of which comes with an adhesive backing that attaches easily to any testing kit. Find a store that carries them at gottagetdabs.com, or buy on amazon.com. You can get a pack of 200 for $8.49 or 300 for $11.80.

Rx Relief

Juggling multiple meds? The 14-Day Pill Holder from Easy Comforts simplifies things with four compartments for each day of the week, so you can divvy up your prescriptions among morning, noon, evening, and bedtime doses. It features a vinyl sleeve—available in black, lilac, tapestry, and plaid—that folds together like a book, making it easy to grab and go, whether you’re heading out for a two-week vacation or merely looking to stay organized. From $9.99 at easycomforts.com and amazon.com.



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