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Obesity Increases Women's Risk for Colorectal Cancer

By Matt McMillen , ,


Obesity appears to boost younger women’s risk for colorectal cancer. Researchers reviewed 22 years of health records for 85,256 women. At the start, the women were cancer-free and ranged in age from 25 to 42. By study’s end, 114 women had developed colorectal cancer before age 50. After accounting for other health factors, including diabetes, the researchers determined that obese women (whose body mass index, BMI, was 30 or over) had a 93 percent higher cancer risk, and overweight women (whose BMIs were 25 to 29.9) had a 37 percent higher risk, compared with women who maintained a healthy weight. The authors can’t explain the link between excess weight and cancer, but they offer this advice: Strive to achieve and maintain a healthy weight as early as possible.
Source: JAMA Oncology, Oct. 11, 2018



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