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Mediterranean Diets May Decrease Stroke Risk in Women

Haleigh Eason/Mittera

Diabetes significantly ups the odds of stroke, but eating a Mediterranean diet—heavy on fish, fruits, vegetables, and beans; light on red meat and dairy—may cut that risk, at least for women. Researchers reviewed a week’s worth of food diaries kept by 23,232 middle-aged British men and women (very few had diabetes) and scored them by their adherence to the Mediterranean diet. Then they tracked the incidence of stroke during the next 17 years. The highest-scoring women had a 22 percent lower stroke risk than the lowest-scoring women. It’s unclear why men’s stroke risk was unaffected. Though the study doesn’t prove the Mediterranean diet caused the lower risk, there’s a growing body of evidence that suggests it can help protect the heart. For Mediterranean-inspired recipes, visit diabetesfoodhub.org and search “Mediterranean.”
Source: Stroke, Sept. 20, 2018



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