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Meat-Free Diets Help With Weight Loss

Micah Matthias/Mittera

Following a vegan diet, which doesn’t include foods that come from animals, may help you shed pounds. British researchers reviewed 11 small studies of mostly vegan diets (some allowed a little dairy) for people with type 2 diabetes. Of those, five measured weight loss. Taken together, those five studies, which lasted from three to 74 weeks and had a total of 269 middle-aged participants, found that people following vegan diets lost an average of nearly 12 pounds; those on various less-restrictive diets lost only 6 pounds. Also noteworthy: Most studies showed a drop in A1C and a rise in mood among vegans. Meatless diets often mean more carbs, which can boost your blood glucose if you’re not careful. Ask your doctor or dietitian whether more frequent blood glucose checks might help you better monitor a vegan diet’s effect on your diabetes management.
Source: BMJ Open Diabetes Research & Care, Oct. 30, 2018



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