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Consumer Guide 2019

Over 200 products for living well with diabetes


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Looking to buy a new meter? How about a fast-acting glucose product that actually tastes good? With so many options on the market, the choices can feel overwhelming. Luckily, our 2019 Consumer Guide breaks down over 200 products that will help with your diabetes management. Click the links below to learn more so you can make the best purchase possible.

8 Products on the Diabetes Horizon
The future of diabetes care is closer than you may think.

App Approval
Navigating the brave new world of using smartphone apps to assist with health management.

Blood Glucose Meters
Concerned their daughter’s meter was out of date, parents explore their options and choose a new model they can trust. Check out our comprehensive listing of available meters.

Continuous Glucose Monitors
A race car driver finds a CGM that can keep up with his life in the fast lane. Check out our list of available CGMs and their features.

Choosing a CGM
Learn to navigate the ins and outs of selecting a CGM that’s best for you.

Insulin Pumps
A professor puts an end to his frequent glucose swings. Check out our handy chart for a full list of pump products and features.

Infusion Sets
Don’t overlook these instrumental part of getting insulin from your pump into your body.

Oral and Injectable Type 2 Diabetes Medications and Insulins
Technology is one aspect of diabetes management, but it's also important to stay on top of the blood glucose–lowering medications you take.

Insulin Pens
Your next dose is just a click away.

Fast-Acting Glucose
Treat lows quickly and on-the-go with these sources of glucose.

17 Injection Aid Products
These tools can help make insulin injections easier and safer.

Get informed before you shop by downloading these product charts

Blood glucose meters and their features
Continuous glucose monitors and their features
Insulin pumps and their features
Oral and injectable type 2 diabetes medications and Insulin
Infusion sets and their features
Insulin pens and their features
Fast-acting glucose products and their features



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