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4 Brunch Recipes for a Relaxing Morning (And More!)

Ring in Spring with these tasty recipes


Photography by Cameron Sadeghpour; food styling by Annie Whyte; styled by Haleigh Eason

Brunch is all the rage these days, but you don’t have to go out to an expensive restaurant to get the full experience. You don’t even have to change out of your pajamas! Sleep in a little this weekend, then try one of the delicious recipes below.

Oatmeal-Pecan Pancakes

Try topping a pancake (1 pancake per serving, at just 13 grams of carb) with 1 tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt (only 1 gram of carb!) instead of syrup.

Crustless Asparagus & Pepper Mini Quiches

These quiches are great right out of the oven, but you can also save a few from each batch for later in the week.

Egg & Avocado Toast

A balanced meal that won’t break the bank.

Quinoa, Arugula, and Apricot Salad

Want something lighter? A fresh salad is the perfect way to start your morning.


Double Up

Go Greek with a pair of flavorful poultry recipes. Bake this chicken marinated in yogurt and a blend of Mediterranean spices. Then, use the leftovers to craft whole-wheat pitas with fresh veggies and tzatziki sauce.

Greek Yogurt-Marinated Chicken

Mediterranean Chicken Pita

By the Plate

These lettuce cups  are healthy, convenient, and pair well with sweet potato slices.

Chicken and Roasted Pepper Lettuce Cups