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Short and Sweet

If your special someone has diabetes, this $3.50 greeting card (above) from Myabetic, featuring a cute cartoon blood glucose meter, is a sweet way to show your love and support—on Valentine’s Day or any time of the year. Available at myabetic.com.

Sisterly Support

Women with diabetes, take note: The nonprofit DiabetesSisters organizes meet-ups known as PODS (Part of DiabetesSisters) for women with diabetes and prediabetes to share experiences, advice, and support. Meet-ups differ from month to month and group to group. One get-together may involve a cooking demo, while others may center around a yoga class or hike. Find your monthly meet-up in one of 38 locations. If there’s not one in your area, check out the organization’s virtual meet-ups—and stay tuned. The group plans to expand the program to additional cities. Details at diabetessisters.org/pods-meetups.

Find Your Doc

Rounding out your health care team just got easier. The ZocDoc app allows you to search for health care providers by specialty, language, location, and accepted insurance, then book an appointment on the spot. (All providers have been vetted.) Currently, the app lists health care providers in more than 2,000 locations, but the service is continually expanding to new cities and towns. Check out zocdoc.com or download the app (available for free on Apple and Android devices) to find doctors and other health care providers in your area.

Forget Me Not

Ever walked out the door without your diabetes gear? You’re not alone. For years, Laurie Park stuck Post-it notes on the front door to remind her daughter, who has type 1, to take her diabetes supplies to school, to sleepovers, and on vacation. And then she created the Don’t Forget Your Diabetes Supplies door hanger. The 4-by-11-inch bright yellow hang tag costs $4.99; a pack of three is $9.99. Go to dontforgetyourdiabetessupplies.com.



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