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Minority Type 1 Kids At Risk for Worse Glucose Management Later in Life

By Miriam E. Tucker , , , ,


Compared with white kids, nonwhite youth diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in early childhood are at greater risk for worsening glucose management as they grow, unless steps are taken to change that path. In a nine-year study, researchers followed 1,313 people who were under 20 years of age when they were diagnosed with type 1. Those who were black or Latino not only had higher A1C levels than white youth, but their levels also rose faster with time. The difference between nonwhite and white youth was greatest for males and kids diagnosed before age 9. There are many possible reasons for the disparity, including cost barriers and bias in health care settings, the investigators say. 
Source: JAMA Network Open, published online Sept. 7, 2018



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