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Exercise Can Extend Honeymoon Phase for Type 1


About 60 percent of people newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes have a short “honeymoon period,” during which they need little or no insulin and maintain normal or close-to-normal blood glucose levels. Researchers in the United Kingdom compared 16 men with type 1 who reported doing an average of two hours of weekly exercise, such as soccer, swimming, and running, with 32 similar men who did not work out. The participants’ average age was 25. In analyzing the men’s daily insulin requirements and A1Cs, the researchers found that the exercise group’s honeymoon period lasted 33 months on average—more than five times longer than that of the non-exercisers. Newly diagnosed? Run, row, lift weights, or otherwise break a sweat for a couple of hours each week—but do so cautiously, as activity can raise the risk for hypoglycemia (low blood glucose).
Source: Diabetic Medicine, Aug. 17, 2018



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