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No matter how niche your interests—history, true crime, aviation, you name it—there’s likely a podcast for you. Like radio shows without the radio, podcast episodes typically have a one-hour runtime and are available for free online or on your smartphone (search the Podcasts app on Apple devices and the Google Podcasts app on Android phones). There are hundreds of health-focused options to choose from, but we combed through the diabetes-related podcasts and picked eight worth listening to. Download these selections to a smartphone for convenient listening when walking around the neighborhood, or play them on your laptop while preparing a nutritious meal.

Diabetics Doing Things

Each half-hour episode features a laid-back, candid conversation with everyday people accomplishing goals large and small while living with type 1 diabetes. Guests range from professional dancers to improv comedians, proving that diabetes doesn’t have to stand between you and your interests.

Recommended Episode: “Episode 014: Diabetics Doing Storytelling With Neil Greathouse” is a favorite of host Rob Howe.

Learn More: diabeticsdoingthings.com

Diabetes Connections

After her son was diagnosed with diabetes, Stacey Simms turned her firsthand experiences into a blog and then a podcast. Simms shares personal anecdotes and interviews fellow diabetes advocates in each episode.

Recommended Episode: “Parents of T1D College Students: Overcoming Fear and Letting Go”

Learn More: diabetes-connections.com

Real Life Diabetes

The audio arm of the DiabetesDailyGrind blog approaches the everyday challenges of diabetes with a sense of humor. Each episode features guests who bring fresh ideas about diabetes management.

Recommended Episode: “Approaching Diabetes Denial From One Type Two Another” is a good pick for people with type 2 diabetes and acknowledges how hard it can be to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Learn More: diabetesdailygrind.com/real-life-diabetes

Juicebox Podcast

Episodes specialize in intimate conversations between people grappling with their own diagnosis or that of a loved one. Host Scott Benner’s guests share their fears and challenges but always laugh along the way.

Recommended Episode: “The Time I Decided to Share” (an early episode) gives listeners a sense of Benner’s motivation to talk about his daughter’s type 1 diagnosis.

Learn More: ardensday.com/juicebox-podcast

Diabetes Core Update

The American Diabetes Association’s monthly podcast takes an in-depth look at a selection of recently published scholarly articles. While it’s geared to health care professionals, the 20-minute runtime makes it easily digestible for anyone curious about the latest diabetes developments.

Recommended Episode: Start with the latest in order to get the most up-to-date information.

Learn More: diabetesjournals.org/content/diabetes-core-update-podcasts

Sound Bites

While not focused exclusively on diabetes, this is one of the best podcasts around for the latest in healthy eating. Melissa Joy Dobbins, RD, interviews researchers, nutritionists, and dietitians in each episode to give fact-based responses to all your meal-planning questions.

Recommended Episode: “060: Diabetes Every Day,” provides tips for managing diabetes.

Learn More: soundbitesrd.com

The Diabetes Dish

Whether you have type 1, type 2, or prediabetes, this podcast dishes up a little something for everyone in 30 minutes or less. Episodes include discussions about topics such as bariatric surgery and pregnancy, plus interviews with celebrities such as musicians Nick Jonas and Ben Rue.

Recommended Episode: “Prediabetes Predicament” shares how lifestyle blogger Alma Schneider went from diabetes diagnosis and denial to belly dancing.

Learn More: ontrackdiabetes.com/all-webinars-podcasts

DivaTalkRadio from Divabetic

With “a mission to glamorize good health,” this podcast isn’t your typical fare. In addition to chatting with health care professionals, host Max Szadek (aka “Mr. Divabetic”) interviews beauty and style experts affected by diabetes. There are even annual Diabetes Mystery Theater specials—nostalgic murder mystery shows where the caper, clues, and culprit all revolve around diabetes.

Recommended Episode: “Diabetes Game Show” makes learning about diabetes fun. Play along in this interactive episode as Mr. Divabetic quizzes his guests on all things diabetes.

Learn More: blogtalkradio.com/divatalkradio1



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