Diabetes Forecast

7 Living Well Self-Care Tips


Being Active

When wintry weather keeps you housebound, look for ways to be physically active at home. Walk in place, lift soup cans, vacuum, or try an online yoga, dance, or strength-training class.

Healthy Eating

When you encounter the diabetes food police, avoid unnecessary stress by assuming they care about your health. You don’t have to defend your choices, but you can reassure them that you know what you’re doing and gently correct myths and misconceptions.


It’s easier to draw blood from warm hands. Keep yours toasty in gloves when outside, or heat them with warm water before checking your blood glucose.

Problem Solving

Keep an emergency diabetes supply kit on hand so you’re prepared when extreme weather hits. Be sure it includes medications, monitoring supplies, water, and food. For more help building your kit, visit diabetesforecast.org/gokit.

Taking Medication

If you have a cough, look for an over-the-counter cough syrup with “sugar-free” on the label or ask your pharmacist or health care provider to recommend one.

Healthy Coping

Help yourself by helping others. Volunteer work not only improves physical health, but studies have found that it can also alleviate depression and anxiety, especially in older adults.

Reducing Risks

If you have nerve damage (neuropathy) and a loss of sensation in your extremities, don’t put your feet and legs too close to heaters or furnaces. You may suffer burns without realizing it.

Sources: Beverly S. Adler, PhD, CDE, clinical psychologist and certified diabetes educator in Baldwin, New York; Donna Stevens, DNP, CRNP, CDE, BC-ADM, nurse practitioner at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital.



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