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Weight Loss Aids an Ailing Heart

Scarlett McKay/Noun Project (heart icon); Ashley Fiveash/Noun Project (bandage icon)

Weight loss can aid an ailing heart. Australian researchers followed 355 overweight or obese adults, whose average age was 63. All had atrial fibrillation, a progressive disease that causes an irregular heartbeat and can lead to stroke and heart failure. Almost 30 percent had type 2 diabetes. After four years, participants who dropped at least 10 percent of their weight had the best results: Almost 90 percent of them reduced their episodes of irregular heartbeat dramatically; 52 percent completely reversed their atrial fibrillation. Those who lost the most weight did so with the help of a doctor-led weight-management program that also addressed high blood pressure, high blood glucose, and other risk factors. Ask your health care team to help you pick the right weight-loss program for you.
Source: EP Europace, June 14, 2018



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