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Pick Up the Pace to Up Your Longevity

By Matt McMillen , ,

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Faster walking may help you live longer. Researchers surveyed 50,225 middle-aged English and Scottish walkers, asking them to rate their speed as slow, average, fairly brisk, or fast. Just over 7 percent had diabetes. After accounting for variations in physical activity, including the length and frequency of the participants’ walks, they found that those who said they walked at an average speed or faster were up to 24 percent less likely to die from heart disease over the following two years than slow walkers were. Of course, it may be that the slower walkers had health issues (such as autonomic neuropathy) that reduced their walking speed and also made them more susceptible to heart disease. Still, if you’re able, gradually shift your stroll to a faster speed. A fitness tracker can help you measure your pace.
Source: British Journal of Sports Medicine, May 31, 2018



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