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Maintain Glucose Targets to Dodge Dementia

By Miriam E. Tucker , , ,


Keeping blood glucose levels as close to your target as possible is important for preventing diabetes-related complications and may also help prevent dementia later in life. Researchers compared records dating back to 1999 for 785 adults ages 65 and older who later developed dementia with those of 3,140 adults of the same age, sex, education level, and location who didn’t develop dementia. Some, but not all, participants had diabetes. During the 14 years leading up to the dementia diagnosis, those who went on to develop dementia had higher glucose levels. This was true even among those who didn’t have diabetes. While the study didn’t prove cause and effect, it’s a good reminder to focus on blood glucose management.
Source: JAMA Psychiatry, published online July 24, 2018



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