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From the CEO: My Everyday Reality

By Tracey D. Brown, MBA, BChE , ,

American Diabetes Association CEO Tracey D. Brown during a recent work trip to Phoenix.

Living with diabetes is my everyday reality.

As a wife, mother, and the chief executive officer of the American Diabetes Association (ADA), I am bound by my commitment to my husband, daughter, and the ADA to not merely exist as a person living with diabetes but also to thrive.

With each sunrise, I aim to thrive. It’s a choice I’ve made to live my best life while living with diabetes. 

Recently I had the opportunity to visit some of our ADA Diabetes Camps. I got to watch kids as young as 5 years old not just live but thrive with diabetes. They swam, hiked, canoed, and struck up new friendships despite—and, for once, because of—their own everyday reality of life with diabetes. From sunup to sundown, I aim to embody the determination I glimpsed in those kids.

For the past several months, I have traveled across the country, getting to know our supporters and partners as well as people with diabetes and their caregivers who are counting on us to find a cure and, until we do, to help them cope with the disease. My days are filled with strategy meetings and travel that lets me build relationships, motivate and empower others, and stimulate the growth of the ADA.

Amid all that, I still must eat right, exercise, and get much-needed rest. It’s a balancing act, but it’s worth it. Why? By focusing on my health, I’m better able to do my job and spend time with my family. Plus, I set myself up to thrive with diabetes for years to come.

November is American Diabetes Month, and the ADA is sounding the alarm to awaken the world about the seriousness of the diabetes epidemic and highlight risk factors for the disease. We’re helping those with diabetes elevate their quality of life so they can do more than just live—they can thrive. Join us this month and beyond as we strive to find a cure for our everyday reality.

Share your “everyday reality” with us at diabetes.org/adm. Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram—I’m @Type2CEO.


Tracey D. Brown, PWD*
Chief Executive Officer

*Person with diabetes

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