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Early Weight Loss After Diabetes Diagnosis Aids Insulin Production

By Matt McMillen , , ,


Slim down significantly soon after your diagnosis. Weight loss may help you preserve some ability to produce insulin. In an earlier study, 149 middle-aged people with type 2 diabetes lost an average of 10 percent of their body weight after a 12-month nurse- and dietitian-led weight-loss program. Of those, 69 achieved glucose control below the diabetic range and no longer required medications. In a new study aiming to determine the cause of the remission, the same researchers learned that the greater the weight loss, the more likely remission became. They also found that those who achieved remission had had diabetes for three years or less compared with about four years among those whose diabetes didn’t go into remission. The message: If you’re overweight, focus on significant weight loss right after you learn you have type 2 diabetes.
Source: Cell Metabolism, Aug. 2, 2018



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