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People to Know 2018: James Mansfield and Craig Stubing

By Oren Liebermann ,

James Mansfield (left) and Craig Stubing (right)

At first, James Mansfield and Craig Stubing simply wanted to support each other as runners. The two thirtysomethings from Los Angeles met in 2015 through a diabetes-related clinical trial. Their trial director knew they both had type 1 diabetes and were signed up for a marathon, so he made the introduction. They talked via e-mail at the beginning of their budding friendship, discussing how to handle blood glucose levels through a 26.2-mile race.

A year later, they took their digital friendship to the next level and became running buddies, putting together a team of runners with diabetes to participate in the Southern California Ragnar Relay, a 188-mile race from Los Angeles to San Diego. “We were both surprised by how much we needed the group once we started running,” says Craig. “You’re with all these people with type 1 diabetes, and from the moment you meet, you’re friends who talk about the most personal moments of [living with] type 1.”

There was an entire community of people who would benefit from such support, they realized. So in 2017, the two created Type One Run.

Now, with the help of the nonprofit Beyond Type 1, what began as a casual runner’s club for people with type 1 diabetes has ballooned into an international organization with 90 chapters across six continents. The groups have no fundraising requirements and are locally organized. Their purpose: create a community of support for people with type 1 diabetes through running meet-ups.

During any given week, there are multiple Type One Run–organized events going on around the world. James, who runs a mapping and design firm for international clients and travels for work, knows he has a group of friends whenever he shows up in a new city.

I’m the first to admit I hate running. The idea of plodding along and watching objects in the distance gradually grow bigger as you inch toward them just doesn’t appeal to me. But having met James and Craig (via Skype at least), I made them a promise: When I finally make it to Los Angeles, it would be my honor to run with them.

Especially since their motto is “Leave No Ones Behind.”

Oren Liebermannis a CNN international correspondent based in Jerusalem and author of the memoir The Insulin Express: One Backpack, Five Continents, and the Diabetes Diagnosis That Changed Everything.



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