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Implantable Continuous Glucose Monitors Score High on Accuracy

By Miriam E. Tucker , ,

Blooma/Creative Market

In a three-way battle of continuous glucose monitors (CGMs), an implantable version was the winner. Researchers asked 23 adults with type 1 diabetes to wear three devices at once for six weeks: Senseonics’ new Eversense, which is fully implanted under the skin and worn for up to three months; Dexcom’s G5 (not the newer G6); and Abbott’s Freestyle Libre Pro (the physician, not patient, version). The glucose values were compared with finger-stick readings. The Eversense was the most accurate, with the G5 coming in second and the Libre in third. All performed worse in the low glucose range than when glucose was normal or high. But keep in mind: No CGM is rightfor everyone. The Libre costs less than the others, which could make a big difference to some people.
The American Diabetes Association 78th annual Scientific Sessions.



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