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Fall Diabetes Reading List

By Marie McCarren , ,

Eric Hinders/Mittera

FOR: Fans of medical dramas

In A Cure: A Novel About Diabetes and the Search for a Cure (Children’s Diabetes Foundation, 2018), we quickly meet the characters who will keep us reading: the husband whose graveside grief may not be real, the teen with a difficult family situation and frequent diabetic ketoacidosis, the diabetes doc who’s working on a cure, and the Mexican millionaire who’s willing to pay for it. The author, H. Peter Chase, MD, professor emeritus at the University of Colorado, is well-known in the diabetes world for his research and Pink Panther diabetes series for families, but this is his first foray into adult fiction. Part of what makes A Cure irresistible is that you find yourself rooting for that diabetes doc who’s working on one.
$20, childrensdiabetesfoundation.org.

FOR: Thriller junkies

Kidnap negotiator and CWD (character with diabetes) Thea Paris is again fighting for the good guys in Skyjack (Quercus, 2018), K.J. Howe’s action-packed follow-up to The Freedom Broker. Readers with a weakness for thrillers will like the wild chases across borders and deadly struggles in tight quarters. People with diabetes will appreciate the occasional nod to diabetes that arises organically from the character and situations, such as when the bad guy pats down Thea to check for weapons (“[S]ome outdated notion of gentlemanly behavior caused him to miss her insulin pump”).
$22, Barnes & Noble.

FOR: Comic book lovers

What if your so-called weakness turned out to be your superpower? That’s the idea behind a new comic book series about a team of superhero teens called the Kinetix. One of the four comic books features Bobby Byers, a high schooler, insulin pumper, and superpowered cyborg with the alias Cyabetes. “It’s not about overcoming diabetes,” says cocreator Austin Basis, an actor with type 1 diabetes best known for his role on the CW’s Beauty and the Beast. “It’s about using type 1 to discover your untapped potential.” Basis and the Kinetix team plan to work with diabetes organizations, libraries, and schools to distribute Cyabetes to teens and preteens. For more information about the comic, search “Kinetix” on kickstarter.com or follow @The_KINETIX on Twitter.



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