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Exercise With People the Same Age To Stick to a Fitness Program

By Matt McMillen , ,

Blooma/Creative Market

Having trouble sticking with your fitness program? Work out with men and women your own age. Canadian researchers recruited 627 adults whose average age was 72. Nearly 10 percent had diabetes. They divided them into three exercise groups: same age, same gender; same age, mixed gender; and mixed age, mixed gender. Each group took part in exercise classes three times a week at a local YMCA. At the end of the 12-week program, participants could opt for 12 more weeks of classes. Age similarity greatly influenced attendance. Those assigned to their own age group attended 10 more classes on average than the mixed-age group. There was no difference based on the gender of the groups. The takeaway: If you’re an older adult, seek exercise classes or activities with other seniors.
Source: Health Psychology, May 2018



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